A dry socket is one of the most common complications from a tooth extraction. It delays your normal healing process and can cause a great deal of pain. It occurs when the newly formed blood clot is lost or improperly formed. The blood clot is necessary to the new tissue and the bone’s healing process. How do you prevent it from happening to you? Your dentist in Round Rock can help. Here’s what you need to know.

Symptoms of a Dry Socket

·         Loss of the blot clot from the extraction site

·         Incredible pain in the first few days after the extraction

·         Bone can be seen in the socket

·         Bad breath

·         Pain radiating from the mouth to your eye, ear or temple

·         Unpleasant taste

Preventing a Dry Socket

If you’ve had a tooth extracted, you should follow these recommendations to avoid a dry socket:

·         Avoid drinking from a straw – the suction can dislodge a clot

·         Don’t smoke – risk contaminating the extraction area

·         Avoid excessively rinsing the mouth – interferes with the mouth’s ability to clot


Who May be at Risk?

Women are more likely than men to experience a dry socket. They are more susceptible if they take oral contraceptives. This increases the amount of estrogen in their bodies which heightens the likelihood of dry sockets.

Studies show that women taking oral contraceptives tend to experience dry sockets 30 percent more often during the first 22 days of a menstrual cycle. Therefore, it would be wise to attempt to schedule your extractions only during the last week of the cycle. This is when your estrogen levels are inactive and you will have a better chance of a normal recovery.

If you are preparing to undergo a tooth extraction, it is important that you speak with your dentist about avoiding a dry socket. You will be able to learn all the dos and don’ts that will be easy for you to follow. Taking the time to ensure proper healing will save you from pain and discomfort in the long run.

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