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Teeth are made up of three layers, starting with the center pulp. Surrounding that is a yellow substance called dentin, which is then covered by the outer most layer of enamel. Over time, as our tooth enamel begins to wear down, dentin begins to show through. This in result gives our teeth a discolored yellow tint. Natural looking white teeth can be restored and achieved with bleach whitening methods.

Teeth Can Begin To Discolor For A Variety Of Reasons, Some Of These Factors Include:

Teeth Whitening Options

Teeth whitening can be applied in-office or in the comfort of your own home. Typically, whiter results are achieved in a shorter time span when applied in-office. Once teeth have been protected by a special shield, your dentist will apply a highly concentrated peroxide gel on to them. Within the hour, a significant difference in color will be produced.

Take home whitening kits can be purchased from your dentist in Round Rock to be applied on your own time. These kits include whitening trays and gel. This gel has a lower strength than that used by your dentist in office, and can be worn for longer periods of time. Depending on the product, it may require the wearer to use for a few hours during the day, or overnight.

Is It Safe?

Teeth Whitening it completely safe when applied or instructed by a professional. Similar to aggressive brushing, improper use or abuse of any habit can be harmful to teeth. Your dentist can safely apply this stain absorbing gel, and allow teeth to naturally rehydrate and remineralize.

If you are still unsure which whitening option is best for you, consult with your cosmetic dentist serving Pflugerville today. Don’t wait any longer, your dream smile awaits you!

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