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A cracked tooth or a cavity that has deeply penetrated the tooth can result in a very uncomfortable infection. Root Canal Therapy is a procedure that can repair the infected tooth and prevent the need for extraction. During this process pulp and tooth nerves are removed, and the area that has been infected is cleaned.

What Is Dental Pulp?

Dental pulp is a tissue within your tooth that regulates the flow of blood while keeping the tooth healthy and alive. Pulp covers the root of your tooth and is made up of nerves that are susceptible to contamination. The pulp becomes vulnerable when the protective layer of both enamel and dentin are penetrated by impact or an untreated cavity. Thus, resulting in the need of a root canal therapy procedure.

When performed early enough, the removal of this infected pulp can prevent infection from spreading to the bone surrounding the root tip. The spreading of the infection causes great discomfort and swelling.

Common Symptoms Of Tooth Infection

Root Canal Therapy is meant to relieve pain, not add to it. The discomfort experienced during the procedure is similar to a standard filling. After a simple X-Ray determines if a root canal is necessary, anesthesia will be used to numb the area of the infected tooth.

Crowns Or Fillings

Once the infection has been removed and the canal has been cleaned, the dentist will then use a permanent filling or crown to finalize the procedure. The extent of the repair will determine which one is right for the job. Fillings replace a small area of the tooth while a crown covers the whole tooth. Dental crowns make your tooth stronger while enhancing its appearance. It is at the discretion of the dentist if the Root Canal therapy procedure will require multiple visits. Your Round Rock dentist would provide a temporary filling or crown if so, to protect the treated tooth until your next scheduled visit.

Post Root Canal Therapy

It is normal to experience some sensitivity and minor pain post treatment. You can expect the area to be tender and sore while healing. Attempting to chew on hard foods can be harmful to your healing process. Soft foods are recommended post treatment until your healing is a bit further along. Extreme pain is abnormal and should not be ignored! Please contact your dentist right away to schedule a follow up appointment if you feel the pain is increasing rather than lessening over time.

Oral health prevention is the best way to avoid another potential root canal issue in the future. It is extremely important that you brush in the morning, at night, and floss regularly. If you schedule regular dental appointments your dentist and dental hygienists can help maintain your dental health with cleanings and spot any issue early during your examination. It is recommended that you visit your dental office twice a year.

Root Canal Therapy is highly successful in repairing infected teeth with long lasting results. Delaying a consultation can result in further damage of the tooth and a more extensive treatment process. The filling or crown used to complete the process is natural looking and will blend in with your other teeth. No one else will notice the procedure unless you decide to tell them of the wonderful experience you had with your dentist in Round Rock.

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