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Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery in Round Rock, TX

Oral surgeries on the teeth and gums may be required to maintain or improve your dental health. Dr. Yoon, our leading dentist here at Clearview Dental will take all the necessary measures to make the surgery comfortable and ensure complete safety.

We will always try harder to support you in finding a solution that addresses all aspects of your circumstance. Dr. Yoon uses the most advanced techniques and devices to ensure a relatively painless experience.

What Is Oral Surgery?

Any surgical procedure that tends to affect your face and oral cavity can be termed oral surgery. Not all dentists are capable of performing such intricate procedures. Here at Clearview Dental, we take pride in our dentists who are the best in Round Rock, TX. They have years of experience and training and will surely provide you with the best results.

Oral Surgeries We Offer

Our team at our dental office regularly performs:

Tooth Extractions

If one or more of your teeth develops cavities, sustains trauma, or becomes impacted, then it is best to get your tooth extracted. Our dentists are highly trained for this procedure and will take extra care to ensure minimal pain. Following your procedure, we will provide you special instructions that will help you in the recovery process as well. Starting from medications to your diet, our team will take care of it all!

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Prepare For Your Oral Surgery

Initially, we will schedule an appointment with you in our office. It is essential that you inform the team about any medications or supplements that you take, that could interfere with your dental sedation.

We will also examine your teeth, jawbone, and gums thoroughly. If you have periodontal disease or some other infections, then you may be prescribed antibiotics as a preventative measure. Premedication is especially good for patients who have heart disease or a weak immune system.

Recover Faster With Our After-Care Instructions

After your dental surgery, we will provide you with medicines to help you get relief from the pain. You might experience minor pain and discomfort a few days after your surgery. Take your medicines on time, get enough rest, and eat soft food. You will feel better within a few weeks after your surgical procedure.

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Clearview Dental is accepting new patients of all ages. Call today to schedule an appointment. We offer a full suite of services, including breathtaking, customized smile makeovers.


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