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You may have lost your tooth in a dreadful accident or due to cavities, heavy bite forces, or while playing your favorite game. Several situations can leave your teeth in danger of loss if treatment is neglected. But you need not worry anymore because Dr. Yoon has a permanent solution for all these problems. Our dentist provides permanent dental crowns or caps to give you back your evergreen smile.

Restore Cracked or Damaged Teeth

If your tooth has severe decay, a dental crown may be the best aesthetic and functional restorative solution to your problem. And they are comfortable too! Crowns can be built to restore a single tooth, many teeth (including the whole mouth), or in conjunction with dental implants to fill a gap. The crown sits over the top of the tooth and conceals the whole tooth surface above the gum line. Dental crowns may also be prescribed for several cosmetic reasons. For example, a badly misshapen tooth can be turned to look more natural with a crown. Chipped and broken teeth can also be repaired with crowns.

When you opt for a crown to preserve your natural tooth, which is always the goal; it helps maintain the supporting bone framework and stability of the neighboring and surrounding teeth. Several materials are used to build dental crowns. They are:

Dr. Yoon will discuss with you and then decide which type of crown would perfectly meet your specific requirements.


The very first step in this process is to take an impression that will be required to build a model of the teeth and bite. This lets the crown be created to look and function just like your original tooth. The tooth will then be prepared, with the decayed parts being removed. An impression of the prepared tooth will be taken so that the final crown will fit appropriately when it is planted.

At times, the final crown can be planted on the same day but other times a temporary crown will be positioned while your final restoration is being designed. Crowns usually last a lifetime when taken proper care of and you maintain good oral hygiene.

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