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Have you been experiencing some sort of pain in your tooth or mouth? This can happen due to several reasons and each type of pain points towards specific oral or dental issues. The first thing that you should be aware of is that most sorts of oral pain call for the dentist and must not be left untreated for too long.

That being said, some toothaches occur simply because something might be stuck in between your teeth or gums. This is why it is important to find out the type of pain that you’re experiencing. Thus, the following are the common types of oral pain and what they mean.

Mild/persistent pain

When you have a toothache that just doesn’t go away and especially hurts when you grind your teeth, this could mean something as simple as something stuck in your teeth. Do not be surprised if you experience swollen gums either. Consider flossing your teeth properly and check if the pain persists. If it does, there might be some serious issues related to it.

This could even mean abscess in your tooth, which could further lead to decay or even gum disease. You may get a root canal treatment to cure this.

If the pain that you have been experiencing is in the molars or premolars, chances are that you have been grinding your teeth too much at sleep. Whatever the cause, if the pain does not subside, see a dentist immediately.

A sharp pain

If you’re experiencing sharp pain in your tooth, that tooth may be fractured. The pain feels like a pointy object piercing your tooth, every time it hurts. Although cavities could also be the cause, they do not usually cause this kind of pain. If there’s a little bit of sensitivity associated with the pain, then you surely do have a fractured tooth.

A strong throbbing pain

This sort of pain could even require painkillers. You may catch fever too as a result of the pain and it could be indicative of some serious underlying infection. Generally, you experience such intense and throbbing pain when you have pulpitis. Pulpitis is a condition in which the pulp of the tooth is infected by bacteria. It is the primary reason to get a root canal treatment. This is also usually associated with heightened sensitivity. So if you have been experiencing this sort of pain, get a dental treatment, now.

Sharp pain at the back of the jaw

If you have been experiencing a sharp pain at the back of the jaw, there might be a wisdom tooth waiting to spurt out. This kind of pain comes in waves and can cause swelling in the gums.

So, which kind of pain have you been experiencing as of late? Could you guess what the pain means? Oral pain should never be left untreated. If you are sure that the pain that you have been experiencing is not because of something stuck in between your teeth, make an appointment before it’s too late.

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