Dental veneers are a great solution to fix a plethora of problems. Veneers have always proved to be one of the most flexible dental treatments that dentists use to repair your damaged teeth and restore your beautiful smile. Most dental veneers used today are made of porcelain to achieve a seamless and natural-looking finish.

While not every dental problem can be fixed quickly, dental veneers in Round Rock, TX can completely change your smile overnight. Veneers are wafer-thin shells of porcelain that mimic the natural tooth perfectly. When laid over your teeth, the veneers can give you a natural-looking smile. Veneers make your teeth look perfect by covering up cracks, stains and any other minor defects, while also giving your teeth the perfect shape.

Maintaining Your Dental Veneers

When you walk out of the dental office, you should be prepared to take care of your dental veneers. Knowing how to properly maintain your veneers will ensure that you have a brilliant and natural-looking smile for years.

#1 Practice Good Oral Hygiene

One of the best things about veneers is that they are just like your natural teeth. This means that you can brush, floss and use mouthwash normally like natural teeth. Your dental veneers do not need any extra care apart from regular oral hygiene practices. When you diligently follow a good oral care routine, you veneers will work and look the best.

#2 Avoid Grinding Your Teeth

Grinding your teeth can be as damaging for your veneers as it can be for your natural teeth. If you have the habit of grinding your teeth at night, you should consult your dentist to talk about a mouth guard. Wearing a mouth guard at night will prevent chipping of your veneers and maintain its strength.

#3 Limit Your Consumption of Staining Drinks and Foods

Veneers can instantly cover stained and discolored teeth. But you should remember that the veneers are also susceptible to staining. If you continue to consume staining food items and beverages after getting veneers, the brilliant white smile you have achieved may fade away. So you should try to limit the consumption of colas, coffee and tea, soy sauce, red wine, nicotine products and any other strainers. Using a straw for such beverages can help in preventing staining a little.

#4 Use Your Teeth for Food Only

Your teeth are meant for chewing food only. If you have the tendency to use your teeth for chewing on other things like pencils, nails or opening packages; you should try to break it off. Veneers are slightly brittle as compared to natural teeth. This makes them more vulnerable to damage and chipping when used to chew on hard surfaces of foreign objects.

How Are Veneers Placed on Teeth?

If you plan to get dental veneers, you will first have to consult a dentist who will determine the number of veneers you need and the smile you desire. Then your dentist in Round Rock, TX will shave your enamel slightly to allow the veneer to fit on your tooth perfectly. Following this, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth to create your custom veneers. A temporary set of veneers will be place on your teeth before the custom veneers are ready. Once your custom veneers are ready, they will be placed and shaped to give you a beautiful, proper functioning smile.

If you also want to improve your smile by fixing minor errors, you should schedule a consultation for dental veneers in Round Rock TX. The Clearview Dental team will be able to advice the right course of action you should take to enhance your smile.

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