You’ve lost a crown… now what do you do? First, you’ll need to answer this question: Do you have the crown intact? The viable answers include:
–    No, I don’t have the crown at all
–    Yes, I have the crown intact
–    No, I have the crown in pieces
Your answer will determine your next steps.

No Crown, At All
If you don’t have your crown at all, you will need to call your dentist to inform them. Typically, they will have the mold in hand or on file and be able to order your replacement crown. This process typically takes about two weeks.
In the meantime, they may be able to offer a temporary crown, as the tooth lump may feel strange to have for several weeks. If not, your dentist may be able to offer solutions that will help you avoid licking that area frequently.

Crown is in Pieces
Perhaps you lost your crown by chewing on something that damaged it – causing it to splinter into pieces. Your dentist can typically re-order your crown and have it to you within weeks. Your dentist may be able to offer a temporary crown or piece back together your damaged crown using composite.

The crown in pieces is better than not having the crown at all, in case the mold was damaged and another mold needs to be taken. The crown can be temporarily pieced back together and a new mold taken for your replacement crown.

Crown is Intact
If your crown is intact, then you can have the crown simply placed back on. Call your dentist and have an appointment scheduled to have your crown re-adhered. Your dentist should be able to squeeze you in for your crown appointment.

But, Most Importantly… 
Do not panic! Crowns becoming loose or inadvertently lost happens all the time. If you don’t have your crown or all of the pieces of a broken crown – you might be worried that you swallowed them accidentally. That is okay! Your crown or pieces of your crown will pass without problem.

At the end of the day, you truly have nothing to worry about when it comes to a missing or broken dental crown. Call Clearview Dental, your leading cosmetic dentistry in Round Rock, Texas at (512) 651-3036 to schedule your appointment or consultation.

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