Dental Veneers in Round Rock

You must have drawn an inference from the title that in this blog we are going to discuss dental veneers and its cost. Equal emphasis has also been laid to make you aware of the different types of dental veneers which can be opted by you and their function. The sole reason behind picking up this topic is because ClearView Dental in Round Rock, TX has often come across questions related to this particular topic. Well if you have similar confusions in your mind, go through this bolg to know almost everything about dental veneers.

Veneers can be defined to be tooth-colored, thin shells which are attached to the front of your teeth and in turn helps to improve your overall appearance. It is usually made with two kinds of materials – resin and porcelain. Usage of dental veneers can turn out to be of effective help to resolve various situations such as –

      • Discoloration of your teeth
      • Stains on our teeth
      • Tooth decay
      • Gaps in between your teeth
      • Chipped teeth
      • Broken teeth

It is to be noted that treatments like retainers, braces or teeth whitening can at times not be sufficient to solve certain problems. Dental veneers emerge as one of the most viable options or choices in such cases. 

If you are looking for dental veneers in Round Rock, TX, then  we are proud to let you know that ClearView Dental offers excellent service and vouches to find a solution of circumstances, no matter how difficult it is. All you need to do is visit our dental clinic. Our dentist will discuss the options which are available when it comes to dental veneers. He/she will also point out which one fits the best for you keeping all the requirements under consideration. If you have extremely uneven or crooked teeth, the dentist might have to use braces before placing the veneer on your teeth to yield the best results. The dentist also takes X-rays to evaluate your dental health. Nextly, the dentist is going to trim down almost half a millimeter of your tooth before they take a mold to make sure that the veneer properly fits on your tooth. The mold is sent off to the lab for the creation of the veneers. Your teeth will then be cleaned properly to avoid any sort of bacterial infection. You should know that dental cement is used to bind the veneers to the tooth. Usage of ultraviolet rays is also recommended to harden the cement within a short span of time. You must have now gained an idea about how safe and secure are the steps related to dental veneers, if performed under professional supervision.

Cost of Dental Veneers

You must be eagerly waiting to find out the amount of money to be paid for getting dental veneers. Well, without any further beating around the bush we are going to address the elephant in the room – cost of dental veneers. Traditional veneers which last for almost 10-15 years can be availed by paying an amount of $925 to $2,500 per tooth or more. Though there are non-prep veneers which cost comparatively less and can be found at somewhere between $800 to $2000 or more. It is advisable to go with the traditional veneers as they turn out to be the more economical option in the long run. 

There are a few factors which determine the cost of dental veneers. We have mentioned them in the pointers below for your clarity.

    • The cost of living of the area in which the clinic is located
    • Type of dental veneer to be used in your condition
    • The fees charged by the dentist to get the work done
    • Complexity of the situation

You might have now gained a detailed understanding about the money to be paid to get veneers from a professional dental clinic in Round Rock

How to Take Care of Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers can last for a pretty long span if you know how to take care of them. We have provided a few things which if followed, can help you experience great results. They can also be termed as precautions for dental veneers.

    • Avoid chewing of hard objects like pencils, pens, finger nails etc
    • Try and not use your teeth to open any sort of packagings
    • Use your back teeth to chew the food while eating. Curb eating hard food like chocolate bars
    • Do not clench your teeth at night
    • Usage of a splinter or retainer is also advisable to protect your veneers

We hope that this blog has helped you to gather knowledge about dental veneers. In case you are  looking for high quality dental treatments in Round Rocks, TX, do not hesitate to get in touch with ClearView Dental. As mentioned before, our primary focus is to satisfy all needs of our patients. Schedule your appointment today and get the best by your side.