Having the perfect smile is something that most people strive for. Making a good first impression is often tied to our smiles and appearances. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the appearance of teeth. Aesthetics such as color, size, gaps in teeth, and alignment can be improved with procedures offered by your North Austin area cosmetic dentist.

When looking at red carpet photos of celebrities, it is hard to imagine that their looks and smile haven’t always been perfect. Their pearly white teeth seem to reflect off the camera flash making the perfect, dazzling, movie star smile. Not all celebrities started out with fantastic grins though. Five stars in particular had dramatic changes in their smiles since becoming famous.

1. Zac Effron is one of Hollywood’s hottest leading man, but right before his rise into Disney Stardom, this heartthrob had a prominent front tooth gap and uneven teeth. Zac is now an adult with brightened and straightened teeth.

2. 50 Cent started his rap career with a front tooth gap. The rapper, often known for wearing grillz in front of his teeth, underwent cosmetic dentistry after getting called out for his gapped teeth by another rapper. While he had his gap closed, he made sure his dentist kept his teeth the same size.

3. Miley Cyrus is an actor and singer known for her unique style and carefree attitude. The daughter of Achy Breaky Heart Singer, Billy-Ray Cyrus rose to fame through Disney and while her crooked teeth were charming as a teenager, Miley had extensive cosmetic procedures done on her grin to straighten, whiten and align her teeth.

4. Keith Urban is one of the most handsome country stars in the industry, but the Australian singer didn’t always have the perfect smile. The country singer married Film star Nicole Kidman in 2006 and had his teeth fixed before their wedding. Although he hasn’t admitted to cosmetic dentistry, the difference is so shocking, it’s probable that Urban has a mouth full of veneers.

5. Catherine Zeta Jones has talked about how she was bullied and teased as a child for her crooked teeth. Although she had braces in high school, it wasn’t until the actress rose to fame as an adult and wife of Michael Douglas that she got her teeth permanently straightened and whitened.

If you see a celebrity with perfect teeth, chances are they have undergone cosmetic dentistry to ensure their smile is always camera ready. You can achieve your dream smile just like your favorite celebrity. Call Clearview Dental today to schedule an appointment with your North Austin area cosmetic dentist at (512) 651-3036.

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