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Sedation dentistry in Round Rock, TX is indeed a sigh of relief for many individuals, especially the ones who suffer perilously from dental anxiety! If you are going through this post or reading through articles concerning sedation dentistry, you are certainly one among them. Dental practices and experts often come across patients, who have neglected their tooth pain or other dental issues for years almost due to their dental fear. Sedation dentistry, Round Rock TX, comes to the rescue of these patients.

 Did you know sedation dentistry is also sometimes termed as “sleep dentistry”?

This is however not a correct terminology because the patient remains wide awake. From mild drowsiness to complete loss of consciousness, sedation comes in different degrees. The 4 broad categories of sedation are:

    •  Mild sedation: The patient is awake but a little relaxed.
    • Moderate sedation: The words of the patient usually slurs while speaking. After the procedure, he or she does not remember much about the procedure.
    • Deep sedation: Here, the patient is almost on the verge of unconsciousness and hardly remembers anything about the treatment applied on him or her.
    • General anesthesia: It refers to complete unconscious.

 So how do these different levels of sedation aid a dental practice and why do dentists adopt sedation dentistry? Although there are an ample of reasons, here are the 5 significant ones:


1.         When the patient has a bad gag reflex

Reducing the gag reflex is one of the important advantages of sedation dentistry in Round Rock, TX. Gagging is in most cases anxiety-induced and can be handled very efficiently with sedation. Individuals who have a sensitive gag reflex quite commonly feel the urge to throw up or choke when the dentist is working. Sedation dentistry effectively works to reduce this feeling.

2.         When the patient is troublesome while sitting in front of the dentist

Increased patient co-operation is the biggest benefit of dental sedation. Most people start fidgeting and get nervous while facing the dentist. Especially children and patients with mental condition undergo this problem the most. Sedation makes the job of the dentist easier and quicker as the patient is no longer restless or complaining.

3.         If the patient has a low pain threshold

Most of the cases of dental neglect originate from dental fear. So who instills fear in them? The very thought of undergoing dental procedures do. This menace is hugely overcome with the use of sedation. As the patent does not remember the nitty-gritty of the procedure that had been applied upon him during his last dental visit, he is freed from future dental anxieties too. A pain-free dental care is what most individuals seek while scheduling their dental visits. Sedation dentistry aids dental practitioners in this regard.

4.         When the patient has sensitive teeth

Sensitivity aggravates dental anxiety largely. Sensitive teeth makes you literally tremble at the thought of having to undergo any dental procedure. Patients with sensitive teeth will go for any treatment on their teeth, only if they are assured that the procedure will be painless as their ain sensation will be kept numb for the while. Therefore, sedation dentistry becomes one of the best choices of people with sensitive teeth.

5.         He or she is will still be responsive to the dentist!

Being still awake after sedation is important as you can still respond to the dentist if there is any need. Actually, during sedation, you are not sleeping, you are just relaxing. Therefore, you will be able to answer some simple questions that the dentist might ask – he might simply request you to open your mouth wider!

With the advent of sedation dentistry, Round Rock TX nowadays, nobody has an excuse to miss regular dental check-ups or avoid going in for treatments. Sedation dentistry thus, has significantly reduced the conditions that were preventing patients from getting a perfect and healthy smile for themselves.

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